Top 5 Unforgettable Mauritius Activities To Do In 2022

Suppose 2022 is the year you finally take that dream trip to visit Mauritius. In that case, this list of the five best Mauritius activities will help you plan. Some travelers will prefer to explore the Mauritius attractions on their own. Others prefer or take one of the scheduled Mauritius tours. Either way, you are … Continued

5 Best Places To Swim With Dolphins In Mauritius

Travelers flock to this idyllic island nation to enjoy the year-round sun, the gorgeous beaches, the fantastic food, and the friendly people. But a unique opportunity can also be had here: a chance to swim with dolphins. With a bit of advanced planning, you can get out there, swim with dolphins, and have a fantastic … Continued

Top 9 Things To Do In Mauritius

For many years traveling to Mauritius was considered one of the places to visit just to lay on the beach and perfect your tan. After all, what are some of the things to do in Mauritius? From its location in the Indian Ocean, there are plenty of places to visit and things to do in … Continued