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We want to take you to the place that only seems to exist on postcards and calendars for you to relax and enjoy every moment of it. Cruises are tailor-made to suit your needs and we want you to come back from our trip and say that this was the highlight of your vacation. Help us shape your dream cruise.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

It has a flushable marine toilet for liquids only. The boat also has fresh water so you can rinse yourself from salt water.

To some extent – yes. Sometimes we will have to because the weather isn’t always ideal and we want to stay in shallow, calm waters to keep the trip enjoyable.

If you have booked a private or a liveaboard charter yes else on our shared basis cruises you will share with others

Absolutely. Our boats are equipped with sound systems that allow both a traditional jack as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

We have an iced cooler with bottled waters and sodas as well as beer, Rhum, and snacks. You’re welcome to bring your own drinks, beers, and snacks as well.

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